Mad the Martian was formed when brothers Bob and Jack Marsh reunited with long time friend producer extraordinaire  Anthony J. Resta to do 1 song "C'mon C'mon C'mon" well when the 3 locked out Resta's Bopnique Studios just north of Boston with Engineer/Magician Karyadi Sutedja the result some 1300 hours later was a new band "Mad the Martian" and a new album "Blast Off" 13 tracks of fresh future/classic rock n roll tunes that sound so familiar yet new and exciting harkening back to the days when we had bands that could get people excited.

In addition to the 54 plus minutes of Martian madness and sonic mambo lab mayhem there is more, yes more: what more could there possibly be you ask?.... They're coming........BLAST OFF! with Mad the Martian coming to a Theater and TV near you!!!

"Blast Off" is an animated series about Mad the Martian" a wacky band from another solar system on an intersolar mission to stamp out auto tune abuse and laptop uniformity. The same auto tune abuse that consumed pop music on their home planet Sunev 30 years prior which derailed their music career..... In their "Time Machine" they come to Earth after Voyager 1 becomes trapped in their orbit after leaving Earth's solar system, aboard Voyager 1 they find the gold records of Elvis and The Beatles and The Rolling Stones and The Beach Boys...IT SOUNDS LIKE US they all exclaimed..."We must go to Earth, we will finally be rock stars there...but when they get here they find the same plastic force fed auto tuned beyond recognition music that killed their careers back home...They settle in LA and meet up with a legendary rock guitar player and a gruff no BS manager played by ....... cant say yet and it is comic musical madness from the hilarious "Why is my sandwich so small" episode to the "Dude You're BLOCKED" scene.....

"Blast Off" with Mad the Martian! Buy the album on iTunes:

We are all vintage gear collectors, lovers of all things analog, tape machines and synthesizers and pickups and amp cabs and heads.  We constantly buy and sell and trade guitars from the 50’s and 60’s and 70’s. We can talk about pedals and amps and tubes for hours.  People in the same room with us get a headache hearing all the model numbers and endless geeky details about the tones and sonic character in endless minutie.

We got together and started with an idea to write a song and use only gear that was built in the same era as all the cool stuff we were listening to as kids. But gear is just stuff and what we did with all that stuff was pure magic.  We even wrote a song called “Stuff”.   A ton of sweat went into each and every word, every note, every transition, every bridge, and every break.  Sometimes things happened quickly.  Sometimes we labored over details for days.  Sometimes we argued, sometimes we left frustrated.  But as each and every final mix was printed we unanimously felt fulfilled in a way that is simply indescribable.  We decided to keep going and 13 songs later our debut album “Blast Off” is launching.

We have Plans to bring it to the screen in cartoon form. That’s a story that is unfolding.  It will keep evolving but right now the music is here and people who get it are REALLY getting it.  We have gotten off to a strong start with several  non-exclusive deals for film and TV use. (We will be bragging constantly here and through social media because we have to keep the ball rolling and make it happen to recoup our costs and do it all over again.)

MadtheMartian is a lifelong journey. Our first destination is “Blast Off”.  Thanks for taking this ride with us.

Special thanks to Karyadi, Gizmo Static (Jeff Calder), Richard B. Gates, Robert Holmes, Charlie Farren, Richie Aveio, Paul Candelore, Michael Blackmer for all their magical contributions to the record.